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Thank you for letting us nourish you! 


A couple of quick notes:




  1. All the heat and eat meals are made fresh and can be frozen for up to 3 months.

  2. To heat the foil containers, just remove the top, place thawed in the oven for around 30mintes at 180deg C. You can of course portion off and heat in a microwavable dish if preferred. 

  3. To heat the black plastic containers, just loosen the top and place in  microwave for 3-4 minutes stirring half way through. Or you can transfer to stove top if preferred.

  4. Salad containers cannot be heated as they are made from corn, but you can stir fry some of our rice salads, they are super yummy warmed up!




You know we are very committed to good environmental choices. In this time of ‘crazy’ we have had to employ some options we don’t normally use. Here’s how we’d love you to help the environment:


Save them up!


  1. The black plastic containers are BPA free and re-useable, either by you or us.  We will take them back for a $1 credit. They need to be clean, un broken and we will of course sanitise them before reusing.

  2. The Foil containers can be washed and scrunched to go in your recycling as can the plastic cover.

  3. The salad bowls and the brown soup containers can be composted BUT only in a commercial composter. If you can manage it, please rinse and save these to drop back to us some time when it suits, we have a commercial bin on site. 

  4. Glass Juice bottles returned complete and clean get a 50c credit.


If you have any questions please message us or call us on 03 4225 5577


Thank you again for supporting our small business! xxx

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